999346_10151815691892214_1805975047_n-4The first time I died I was 15 years old. I flew off a cliff on a motorbike and was declared dead on the operating table for two and a half minutes. 

Back in ICU I was told I’d never walk again, my doctor wanted to amputate my leg. I told him I’d not only walk, I’d dance on his grave.

Within seven years I was a medal-winning ballroom dancer; had overcome a pain killer addiction – after my 2nd overdose; and had become a highly successful top level business executive in New Zealand.

I became an expert on clearing stress in 3 minutes or less after being hit by a drunk driver at 24.

The spinal injuries I had suffered in the motorbike accident were reactivated. I couldn’t speak without stuttering, walk or stand for more than a few minutes and I had lost 70% of the strength in the left side of my body.
But the biggest challenge was any time I became stressed, the soft tissue would swell at the back of my neck, preventing blood from going to my forebrain.

I would have about 3 minutes before I blacked out. I never knew whether I would wake up from any of those black outs. I was blacking out several times a day. 

After a couple of years of intermittent oxygen deprivation, my frontal lobes scanned like an autistic child.

Doctors said I would be dead or vegetative before age 30.




I began studying alternative healing methods. I am now certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities.

Instead of being brain dead at 30, I had learned how to reprogram the neurological pathways of my brain to think new thoughts. In doing so I was able to bypass the brain injury and access different parts of my brain, generating uncommon new perspectives, and abilities.

  • By age 30 I had co-created Australia’s first computer software support organization.
  • I was the first individual ever to be nominated for an IT&T Award for Excellence in Industry Development.
  • The first woman to sit on the board of the Queensland branch of the Australian Information Industries Association.
  • I co-opted both State and Federal Government after single-handedly gathering the unanimous support of every major computer organization in the country.
  • She developed an ‘established an end-user support traineeship that introduced an entirely new, much-needed path within the IT Industry which created thousands of jobs at the level where they were most needed’   –   quote from Connecting Queensland Magazine


I started that company with a $30 government cheque that bounced.
I know nothing about computers to this day.

What I do know, is how to succeed against all odds. And how to teach you how to do it.
I took the best of what I learned and crafted systems to not only clear stress in 3 minutes or less but to optimize brain power in ways that create unparalleled success regardless of circumstance.

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